Welcome to The Shine Group

The Shine Group is an administrative body that oversees the activities of four streams activity under one umbrella.

The Shine Foundation governs the Shine Community Music Program; a social program that affects social change through free music lessons to underprivileged youth.

Shine Music Academy is the education arm of the organisation, providing  private, group or band lessons in the studio, in-homes and in through outside institutions.

Shine Concerts provides booking support with venues throughout the city and many public music events such as the Tulip Festival.

Shine Studio has skilled staff, recording equipment, grand piano, amps, guitars and isolation booths. Through these we’re able to record any style of music either as an add-on to music academy lessons or one-off contracts.

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Shine Studios, 119 Pamilla Street
Ottawa, ON, Canada - K1S 3K9

Email: contact@theshinegroup.com
Phone: 613.851.4682
Studio Access is Available 24 Hours a Day

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