Operated by The Shine Group, The Shine Community Music Program is a non-profit organization incorporated in Ontario with charitable interests. Shine is dedicated to the advancement of music education, performance, production and philanthropy in the National Capital Region (NCR) and throughout Canada.

As a small, charitable non-profit, Shine is seeking donations. To increase affordability among its supporters, Shine stresses that many hands make light work. We seek assistance from a large community-minded audience by digital means.
Your donation is going towards a good cause. Happy Music Making!


Welcome to The Shine Group

The Shine Group is a body that oversees four streams of music activity:

The Shine Foundation in association with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Telus Mobility and the City of Ottawa, has initiated and sponsors the Shine Community Music Program (SCMP), a program that utilises music lessons to break cyclical social problems by empowering youth.  100% of Shine philanthropic activities are to be dedicated to the SCMP beginning September 6, 2013.

Shine Music Academy is the education arm of the organisation, providing private, group or band lessons in the studio, in-homes and in through outside institutions.

Shine Concerts provides booking support for musicians throughout Ottawa and Canada.

Shine Studios provide skilled staff, recording equipment, grand piano, amps, guitars and isolation booths. Through these we’re able to record full production albums, demos, video, voice over work. Students use the facilities for these purposes as well as to asses their progress.

Contact us

The Shine Group, 119 Pamilla Street
Ottawa, ON, Canada – K1S 3K9

Email: contact@theshinegroup.com
Phone: 613.851.4682
Studio Access is Available 24 Hours a Day