Your band needs gigs. You want to get your friends out to see you live but venues keep asking for references and samples. You’re stuck in a trap, haven’t yet made any money from gigging to pay for a professional recording but you need a recording to get the gig!

As musicians we know musicians. We can help you get started with your career without breaking the bank. This fast-track session will have you working with our Senior Engineers; who have professional experience and aren’t afraid to give advice for how to reach your full potential. They also have a burning desire to make their mixes sound great on your budget.

  • You’ll come in to a studio prepared for recording with mics, compressors patches and gear set up ready to record.
  • The engineer will record your tracks, edits and overdubs in a single session lasting from 3-5 hours.
  • A mix will be prepared by the junior engineer with a final review by a senior engineer for approval.
  • If you wish, the multi-track can be stored in case you want another mix down done later.