Classic Rock / Pop. Connecting fans of all stripes to their musical roots with shows steeped in rock and roll history.


Featuring the entertaining talents of Randy Scott and Randy Young, Cherry Suede is established as one of Canada’s most exciting live shows. The Randys are veteran musicians and entertainers having toured North America and Europe with their high energy performances of classic rock and pop favorites. When performing as a full band they always bring eminently talented musicians on board to bring a consistently solid show to their audiences. The band is all about having a good time. Their poignant songs are fueled by high-impact instrumentation that captures the pure joy of music and pulls the listeners into the song.

 A large part of Cherry Suede’s success is due to the fact that they offer a musical honesty that is missing from many of today’s stages and radio stations.  This honesty comes from a deep understanding of Rock n’ Roll history.  In an age when an iPad is considered a musical instrument, there is a silent majority of music fans out there that still like their tunes to come from wood and steel.  But what sets Cherry Suede apart from other bands is their ability to relate to their listeners.  People listen to music in order to find common ground, to know that someone else out there is feeling the same way that they are.  In songs like “Saturday Night” and “Little Things”, Cherry Suede has tapped into the collective consciousness of our culture in a way that people immediately relate to.  With their covers and tributes to legends of rock, the band reconnects fans with music that holds deep meaning and value to them.  These two aspects of Cherry Suede’s musical philosophy make them an unstoppable force.