Shine Music Academy, Performance, and Production of Ottawa

Founded in 2002, the Shine Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of music education, performance, and production.

Shine operates a music academy (Shine Music Academy), a booking agency (Shine Concerts), and a recording studio (Shine Studios) as part of an overall mandate of developing the musical community of Ottawa and of making music accessible to everyone.

Shine Music Academy employs professional musicians as instructors, teaching both private lessons and band classes on a variety of instruments.

Shine Concerts works with musicians, venues, and festivals in the National Capital Region and beyond to provide opportunities for artists.

Shine Studios provides Ottawa musicians affordable access to high-quality recording facilities, with an emphasis on artists recording original music.

Overall Shine works to make the transition between the three aspects seamless: all Shine bands participate in recording and performance, and Shine mentors help student bands transition into self-directed, independent, recording and performing bands.

Shine works with other charities in the National Capital Region and around the country to raise money for worthy causes.


The vision of the Shine Foundation is to assimilate the disparate aspects of music education, performance and production into a single ongoing and unified process. By bridging the gap between students and professional artists the student develops a realistic skill set which they will require for success. In providing production facilities for music which are both state of the art and cost efficient, the foundation promotes the growth of a healthy and sustainable musical community.

By inviting the participation of local businesses, community organizations and artists in the production of concerts and events, Shine aims to build partnerships that produce an environment where excellent music performances can be appreciated with regularity by everyone.