Shine Music Academy

Shine offers lessons in all styles, including rock, jazz, and classical, for individuals or in a group.

Why take your lessons at Shine?

  1. 1-on-1 lessons with experienced teachers to develop skills on your instruments; all our teachers are active professional musicians
  2. Be In A Band: get placed in a band and learn your instrument’s role in the band
  3. Take your band to the next level with professional coaching
  4. Record your band: our lessons take place in a professional recording studio, and students will have the chance to record their music

How do I sign up?

  • Contacting the program director at 613-851-4682 is encouraged
  • Arrange for a free introductory lesson at the studio
  • Secure a teacher, time, and location for your lessons with our online registration form
  • Lessons can take place at Shine Studios or in your home
  • Pay for your lessons online with PayPal, credit card
  • Cash or cheques are also accepted

For more information, contact us.