Student Bands

Shine band programs complement school music education, by focusing on areas that school bands are often unable to teach in-depth.

When you fill in your registration form, we match you with other musicians of similar age, musical ability, and interests to form bands. Three weeks grace period is given to ensure that both students and parents are satisfied with their placement.

Jazz combos (4-8 members)

Students learn how to play together in a small jazz combo with a focus on improvisation, repertoire, and group performance. The small-group setting allows instructors to provide more individual attention to students than is possible in larger music classes, and provides students with opportunities to strengthen improvisation and compositional skills. [/toggle]

Coached rock bands (3-6 members)

Younger or less-experienced musicians often opt for direction from a coach/mentor. All of our coaches are professional musicians with decades of experience in all phases of music performance and production. Students learn how to perform as a group, how to select and arrange music to fit the strengths of the group members, and how to write and record their own music.

Self-directed youth bands

Bands that start out with direction from a coach become self-directed after a few years. Students select, arrange, and write their own music, and make performance and recording decisions independently. Shine mentors will remain available for consultation and advice but band rehearsals are student driven. They are available to aid these students in recording demos and albums.

Adult hobby bands

For adults who want to improve their musical skills or find other musicians to play with. Coached or self-directed options are available, it’s a great way to spend an evening with friends. These bands also have access to the recording facilities.

Benefits of Shine bands

  • Shine band classes are taught in small groups and can provide instruction on rhythm section play, improvisation, and group performance that is not possible in a school music class.
  • Students learn about teamwork and make friends in a safe and structured environment.
  • Regular rehearsals and a commitment to a 30-week program instill good practice habits and discipline that are applicable in school, work, and everyday life.
  • Bands rehearse in a professional recording studio and take lessons from professional musicians, both of which help the student transition toward professional playing.