Private Lessons

Sessions run 30 weeks unless otherwise stated. Shine provides private lessons for a variety of instruments, styles, ages of student, and levels of experience.:

  • Instruments taught include: Guitar (electric and acoustic), bass (electric and upright), drums, vocals, piano/keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and violin. Other instruments may be available on request.
  • Styles: Shine instructors are professional musicians with experience playing jazz, rock, classical, pop, blues, soul, funk, disco, reggae, klezmer, folk and more.
  • Age: Shine welcomes students of all ages;

Shine also offers a production course. Students work with a professional engineer and learn how to record and mix live music. Topics covered include:

  • Microphone placement
  • Signal patching and preamp selection
  • Use of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) program such as Cubase
  • Editing and mixing
  • Use of outboard compressor and summing mixer

How do I sign up?

The Online Registration page allows the program director to find a time that is suitable to you;

  • After filling out the online registration page you will be contacted by the program director to discuss lesson duration, and payment options;
  • The program director will guide you toward an instructor best suited for the student;
  • Studio and in-home lessons are available;
  • Studio lessons are held at Shine Studios 119 Pamilla St.;
  • In-home lessons are available in select areas throughout the National Capital Region;
  • The program director can be contacted by email at or by phone at 613-851-4682


  • Private lessons are billed at $27.50/half hour, longer lessons are prorated according to duration;
  • 45 minute and 1 hour lessons are also available;
  • Registration is accepted at any time of the year;
  • Payment can either be made online by PayPal or by cash/cheque.

Joining Our Team

If you have a degree in music education or are a seasoned professional with stage experience we’d like to meet you to discuss openings we have for teachers.
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